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Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine
Pulmonology is superspeciality that deals with preventing, diagnosing and treating lung conditions and respiratory tract. Our specialists are trained in managing conditions like asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and other severe chest infections.

All types of Invasive & Non –Invasive Ventilatory Vare Sleep Studies, Pulmonary Function Testing, Bronchoscopy, Pleural Aspirations & Biopsies, I.C.D. Drainage and Guided Lung Biopsies.

Internal Medicine

Tarak Hospital provide comprehensive care in general internal medicine and related specialties. Acute medical care is provided

by a medical specialist round the clock and outpatient care is made available for at least 12 hours every day to suit everyone's work commitments.

Nephrology & Urology

Nephrology deals with the diagnosis as well as treatment of kidney diseases, including hypertension and electrolyte disturbances. It also provides care to individuals who require renal replacement therapy, including dialysis.

Specialized Endoscopic surgeries e.g. URS, PCNL TURP. We have our own team of well-trained expert with requisite experience and expertise in latest technology, Facilities for Dialysis.


The centre is equipped with Microscopic Surgery (High-end microscope), advanced brain tumour centre, Endoscopic surgery, Craniotomy, and we neurological procedures like Brain & Spine Surgery,

Interventional Neurology and Brain Tumour Removal..


An ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist manages illnesses related to the ears, nose, nasal passage, sinuses, larynx, oral cavity, upper pharynx, as well as structures of the neck and face.

ENT specialists are experts in both medical and surgical management of the following Consultation and surgical procedure of Head and Neck Surgeries, FESS & Tympanoplasty & Cochlear Implant Services.

Hearing & Speech

Audiology combines medical science with the best available technology to come up with concrete solutions to hearing or balance disorders.

Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA), Tympanometry (Middle Year Analysis), Speech Audiometry, Special Tests (SISI, TDT& ABLB), Otoacoustic Emissions (OAES), Brain Stem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA), Speech-language assessment & Therapy, Hearing Aid Trial, Various Types of Hearing Aids available ( Body Worn / Pocket Type, Analogue BTE, Digital BTE, ITC/ CIC).


Gastroenterology deals in treating diseases related to gastrointestinal tract and disorders associated with it.

The gastroenterologist takes a broad understanding of the symptoms at presentation like difficulty in swallowing, constipation, heartburn, loose motions, vomiting and renal bleeding to diagnose and treat conditions effectively.

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Our comprehensive Plastic Surgery team is nationally recognized as a leader in Craniofacial, Hand and Microvascular, Reconstructive and Cosmetic plastic surgery.

We also treat congenital pediatric conditions such as clefts of lip / palate , urogenital deformities like Hypospadias and other congenital facial and body deformities

Medical & Surgical Oncology

Our competent team of doctors and staff uses advanced surgical methods including Minimally Invasive Surgical methods such as Lap Anterior Resection,

Lap Abdominoperineal Resections, Lap. Radical Hysterectomies, etc, to diagnose and treat cancer and cancer related ailments.


General dermatology provides a service for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of skin diseases, including: acne and rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, hair problems, skin infections,

Patients can be referred to our general service by their GP and other hospital specialists. In some cases, patients may be referred to one of our specialist dermatology services.

Anaesthesia & Pain Management

Patient safety is paramount. Our anaesthetists are involved in the assessment of patients before their operation to select the most appropriate anaesthetic technique for each patient. We endeavour to keep all patients and their families well informed about what they will experience before and after their surgery.

Our involvement extends into the postoperative period, providing an around the clock pain management service to ensure that all patients are kept as comfortable as possible.


Our dialysis services at hospital by trained healthcare professionals. During the procedure, we will: Surgically place a special type of access, called an arteriovenous (AV) fistula, usually in your arm.


Our Hospital staffed by Board-Certified Radiologists, trained to perform and interpret diagnostic and interventional procedures. The center provides a complete range of medical imaging procedures in general radiography and subspecialty areas. Our radiological technologists and radiologists use cutting-edge equipment that provides high-quality imaging procedures in a caring, professional, and compassionate manner.

All of our technologists are registered by the American Registry of Radiological Technology, and the State of Florida. In addition, many have additional certifications in specialty areas.


Whether you’re an independent hospital or larger health system, our customizable laboratory management solutions can be tailored to your needs and outcome requirements.